Mark Viola is a comedian, writer, geek, lover, and humorist.  An Orlando, Florida native, he grew up in the cradle of the “lack-of-civilization.”  This adorable loser will regale you with stories of lost love, hard times, and his sideways view of the world.  Whether he's working as a voice actor, making fun of politics on FOX’s Emmy winning "The News Remixed," or entertaining you on HBO and D.C.'s "Doom Patrol," he remains 2 things; crass and funny.  A traveling road comic, this slinger of wit seeks only to share his quips and qualms with more audiences across the country.  Like a fine wine, you will drink in Mark Viola's charm and humor, only to spit it back out moments later.  In the words of his biggest fan, his mother: Mark is "Not the worst comic I've seen."


Stardome Comedy Club                         

Off the Hook Comedy Club                             

Groucho’s Comedy Club                               

Gypsy Cab Comedy Club

Drafthouse DC                        

Laugh-In Comedy Café                         

Bonkerz Comedy Chains                                    

Laff Lounge Comedy Club

Cap City Comedy Club
Punchline Comedy Club (Atlanta)                     

Knight Play Comedy Club

The PIT (Chapel Hill)                     

Blind Tiger Comedy Club

Laughing Skull

Comedy Zone Chains

Cozzy's Comedy Club

Hilarities Comedy Club

Gregory’s Comedy Club                       

Wiley’s Comedy Club

Dead Crow Comedy Room                              

Laughing Derby Comedy Club

Porkey's Comedy Club

The Idiot Box
Comedy Club of Jacksonville

Looney Bin (OKC)

Chuckles Comedy Club

Blue Room Comedy Club

Funny Stop Comedy Club

Stand-Up Live                     

Old Naples Comedy Club                               

Zanies Comedy Club (Nashville)

The Comedy Catch

The Joke Joint (Houston)

Comedy Club of Williamsburg                     

Miami Improv                                                 

Tampa Improv                                                

Atlanta Improv                                               

Orlando Improv


The News Remixed - FOX

Game On – Disney Channel Europe

Doom Patrol - DC Universe
Dynasty - The CW

POMS - Escalator Guy

Huffington Post Live – Comedy Commentator

Jason and the SuperFriends – KnuckleNap Radio/Podcast – Writer/Editor

WeWatchMovies247 – Movie Reviewer/Host


Voice Over Actor - National

101.1 WJRR HD 2 – Biff & Skeeter Morning Show - Skeeter

101one WJRR I Heart Radio – Comedy Commercial Spots

100.3 KDJE The Edge – Corey and Patrick Morning Show

101.5 WXNA – Nashville Stand-Up Sits Down

104.7 WROD - 4:20 Funny


PAX Performing Arts Center

The Atlantic Theater

Coldtowne Theater

The Barn Theater

The Public Theater (Little Rock, AK)

No Shame Theater - Springer Opera House

Tanner Theater at Morgantown Arts Center

The Joint Theater

2010 - present
2010 - present
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