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3/11 - 3/17 #WhereMarkIsSleeping Wrap Up

If you aren't following me on Instagram (@MarkViolaComedy), then you've probably missed out on this little segment I do...#WhereMarkIsSleeping. As I crash different places every night, I've decided to share with you guys the wacky places I put my head down. Here's a wrap-up from the last week:

Williamsburg, VA - I actually had a show that came with a hotel room! Comedy Club of Williamsburg in the Double Tree, which is also where they put you up. Very classy, and appreciated. Two beds, one for the sexin', one for the sleepin'!! Universal rule of hotel crashing. Yes, smart asses, that's why just the one bed was unmade...

Norfolk, VA - Closing out the show at Cozzy's in Newport News. I had a place to stay on, but the day of, my host informs me he actually lives in Pompano Beach, Florida.

Last minute, I put out some other feelers, and a Couchsurfer in Norfolk was good enough to give me a place. Glad that the community there is strong.

Also, it was freezing as balls, so I'm glad to have not had to crash in the car.

Raleigh, NC - Visited an old comedy buddy of mine on my way through town. He blew up his air-mattress for me.

4th floor walk-up in an old row apartment. Highly utilitarian.

Charlotte, NC - Shows in Charlotte are always a great time, and this trip through, I was at The Evening Muse. Also recorded a podcast, which will be posted up in the coming weeks.

Crashed in the guest room at a Wrestling/Comedy crash house. Cool when those two surprisingly similar forms of entertainment overlap.

Fountain Inn, SC - Well, Greenville, but just outside. Come to town to close out the Joke Show at the Greenville Comedy Zone, stayed with a comic buddy on his dog-hair laced couch.

I mean, this thing was like a lint trap, but still comfy, and I appreciate the hospitality of the comics down here.

Want to see more, and get the pics as soon as they happen? Make sure to follow me on Instagram (@MarkViolaComedy). Also,, and Twitter @MarkViolaComedy.

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